Monday, June 27, 2011

Some more things that required tweaking

Touchpad is recognized by the system as a generic PS/2 mouse. As a result, scrolling does not work (that I do not mind much) but more importantly it cannot be disabled while typing. Strangely enough, tapping works.
Patching psmouse.ko (using results in system recognizing the touchpad properly (in particular, touchpad settings in KDE become available).

SD card reader works only after 1394 interface was disabled in BIOS


  1. Thanks for posting the link. However to do the kernel build on Fedora I ended up following

    Currently on Fedora 15, the psmouse module is statically compiled into the kernel, so a simple modprobe of the new ko was not possible, I had to install and reboot into the new kernel.

    With that said, KDE now recognizes that I do have a touchpad, but none of the settings seem to have any effect on it. I am farther along than when I started so thank you.

  2. Dell provides a patch for the touchpad (which can be found in drivers for Ubuntu). However, this patch is for an older kernel version, and so far I was unable to make it work (truth to be told, I did not have much time).

  3. I spent a little more time with this one. Apparently it is a known kernel bug to both Fedora ( and the Linux Kernel (

    The patch that was mentioned in your post only allows the touchpad to be recognized as such, but none of the settings take effect.